Create, discover, grow

Every impression that is experienced by different senses will be fixed within a view of the world for the children. The children should get a lot of impulses and opportunities to try and get along with different materials by using their joy of discovery. Basic colours and shapes build a fundament for designing and being creative. Children need enough time to act out their imagination and to imitate different role models that they can develop their own identity.

Create, discover, grow
A child’s imagination is boundless and should be stimulated. Our extensive range of Arts & Crafts materials allows children of all ages and ability to be creative, use their imagination and explore their artistic potential. The high quality materials allow them to freely develop and explore, therefore safety standards are of paramount importance to us. All the products offered have been specially chosen by Heutink International. We wish to provide products that inspire creativity in children all over the world.

To create is a voyage of discovery. Children are constantly studying each other, their environment and the world around them. They are analytical and want to express their experiences playfully and independently. Creativity helps children develop their motor skills, social and emotional intelligence, spatial orientation, concentration, communication and problem solving skills.

Activity and development
Our products focus on getting children moving and creating. Children enjoy expressing themselves and we offer a range of tools which allow them to do so. Growing through learning, exploring and creating is what children enjoy best.