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Nanny Annelon

Hello! My name is Annelon Roskam. I am the mother of Nola (1.5 years old), a nanny for a number of children and I run my own blog www.nannyannelon.nl. On my blog I share my experiences as a mother and as a nanny. Topics include education, development, product reviews, tips, recipes, and of course arts and crafts!

The children that I look after have great fun doing arts and crafts. Nola is particularly a fan of arts and crafts. At home she often climbs up on her chair at the dinner table to color in. Very cute because she is still only 1.5 years old.
I knew the brand Heutink from primary schools but I did not know then that they also sold to individuals. When I found out I was very happy because now I can save big time. I find that too few people know about this. Especially childminders should utilize this. They are in fact a nursery in a home environment. Like a nursery they usually have around five children at home. There is quite a lot of craft materials needed if you want to do arts and crafts properly. Of course, every childminder does arts and crafts with the children, as it is very good for their development, a fun activity and parents are always happy to get handiwork. At Heutink, ordering is really easy and large quantities are available instead of just small quantities like at the Hema or Action. For example, a small bottle of paint is empty so quickly. At Heutink you can immediately order a big pot. As a parent, this is also very useful if you do lots of arts and crafts with your kids.

Heutink and I have a great collaboration. On my blog I often share the handiwork that I make with the kids. I often show that you can make a specific craft project with children of all ages, you only need change that craft project a little bit, but that’s easily done ☺.

I am very pleased with the craft materials from Heutink. Not only because you can save money but also the quality.


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