• "Every child is an artist."
    "The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” Picasso
  • Create. Discover. Grow.
    Our products inspire creativity in children
  • Growing through learning.
    Growing by creating and exploring

People behind the brand

My name is Chris Jaspers Faijer and since March 2016 employed at Heutink. For the last six years I worked as a sales representative in the plastic packaging industry.

A lot of my family members are working with pleasure in the education branch, their enthusiasm always caught my attention. Therefore a career switch to an organization within the education branch is easy to clarify.

Creative expression and innovation are the base to educate the next generation. What would be greater to stimulate this development?

For each class and for all levels, we supply a wide range and variety of Arts & Crafts materials. The materials will help to develop and stimulate children’s motor as well as creative and innovation skills.

I’ am very pleased to be a part of that process in my position as an Export Manager for Heutink International.

At Heutink we value the experience and knowledge of our customers and we welcome your suggestions. Your precious input helps us providing information to make the best materials.

Chris Jaspers Faijer



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