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Heutink’s fingerpaint is safe to use

| 2016 January 26

Heutink’s fingerspaint is safe to use. The Dutch Food and Drug Administration tested 29 different brands of fingerpaint. Shockingly, almost half of these did not meet the safety requirements. We are proud to announce that our fingerpaint received outstanding test results and is perfectly safe to use.

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Toy Fair Nuremberg

| 2016 January 27

Save the date: 27 January – 1 February 2016 Location: Messenzentrum 1, 9071 Nuremberg, Germany The unique Spirit of Play in Nuremberg This is where international toy markets come together: renowned brands, toy novelties, trendy start-ups, buyers of large chains, independent retailers and a plethora of media representatives make the toy fair in Nuremberg, Germany, the most important event for the toy industry. Save the Date We would like to invite you to our Booth at the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg, HALL 3A – D11 from 27 January to 1 February 2016, save the date in your calendar. Please make an appointment with Han, Chris or Joanne to be sure we...

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Craft tip Bird house

| 2015 January 22

Draw a little bird on a white sheet of paper and copy it. You’ll need two birds for every bird house that you’re going to make. Take a sheet of cardboard and cut out a house of approximately 20 by 30 cm. Then use a pair of scissors to cut a circle with a diameter of 5 cm just above the horizontal middle of the house. Now it’s time for the children to go to work. They can start off by colouring in the birds, and then continue by decorating the bird house with the adhesive figures. Cut out the birds; then let the children paste one bird to the...

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Craft tip Snowmen

| 2015 January 19

Let the children make a footprint with white finger paint on sheets with different colours. Use a large, black felt tip pen to draw a beanie, arms, eyes, and the buttons of a jacket. Then switch to a red pen and add a cheerful bow; complete the drawing by adding a carrot nose with an orange felt tip pen. Combine the drawings to create a colourful parade of snowmen. You can even make a garland by attaching the drawings to a festive curly ribbon in order to decorate the classroom! Materials The following materials have been used for the sample: 084.004 Craft paper 16 x 16 cm 030.001 Fingerpaint white...

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Craft tip Tie and die

| 2015 January 08

Take a wet wipe and find the centre point. Pinch it and pull the rest of the wipe together – holding with only your thumb and index finger. Next, take an elastic band and tightly wrap around the tip of the wipe, exposing only 4-5 mm of the top. Repeat this tying of the rubber band, again, 4-5 mm under the previous band. Once you have done 2/3 bands, use the felt tips to colour in the exposed wipe. Sometimes you may have gaps of wipe showing through the wrapped rubber band. Colour this also. When all of the exposed wipe above the last band is coloured, carefully snip off the...

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Craft tip Drawing emotions

| 2015 January 05

Discuss emotions with the class. What emotions are there? Ask the children what these emotions feel like? Do they feel nice or horrible? What is their favourite emotion? Then ask the children to choose one emotion and draw or paint what they think that emotion looks like. Get them to think about what kind of colour that emotion might be. When the children have made their pictures, compare those pictures which portray the same emotion. Do the pictures have similarities? Discuss the kinds of colours we associate with emotion (red = anger, green = jealousy, white = peace etc.). Does any of these colours appear in the children’s pictures? Materials...

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